Sectors high rise


Transforming skylines by creating iconic, efficient, and buildable designs

In the 21st century, the environmental cost of construction in general and high-rise in particular, mean that towers must be designed to be ever more efficient, sustainable and adaptable. Working with like-minded patrons, we focus not only on capital construction cost, but also on life-cycle cost and carbon footprint.

Our designs look to harness the available natural resources and respond directly to local climatic conditions, harnessing the solar energy and air movement for cooling and heating through optimised massing and engineered façade and building systems. By designing in harmony with the natural environment we provide more natural, stimulating and enjoyable working and living environments for building occupants.

208 m
designing Delhi's tallest tower
£ 500 m
In budgets handled and delivered on time
High-rises to be completed this year

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