Sectors masterplans


Creating environmentally and socially sustainable communities

Masterplanning and urban design is a balancing act between tangible economic and planning constraints, with more intangible design aspirations such as public space and quality of environment. We believe the successful delivery of such large-scale interventions is directly dependent upon early and regular communication with all stakeholders, to effectively capture these aspirational requirements from the outset, and preserve and enhance these key performance indicators as the project progresses.

200 ha
currently under construction
25 km²
proposed remediation of brownfield land
By moulding urban spaces into public and private domains, that are sensitive to the climatic, cultural and socio-economic context of their surroundings, we design better communities and neighbourhoods. UHA has a wealth of experience in working with multiple client bodies and stakeholders, and liaising with statutory organisations on complex urban projects, with a strong track record in the effective delivery of these large scale and often long-term projects, through collaboration with a wide range of specialists and consultants.

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