UHA Architects Kornos Sports Centre Cyprus Football

A new home for the Cyprus Football Federation

13th August 2021
Joseph R. Goodwin
1 minute

Collaborating across four offices our competition team worked alongside Cyprus-based IMA to imagine a new home for the Cyprus Football Federation (KOP). Our joint proposal for the innovative sports centre was awarded third place by the jury earlier this month.

See the full project here.

Kornos Sports Centre Road View

The competition program included training facilities, office spaces, restaurants, and accommodation. We saw this as an opportunity to imagine a community facility that serves as ‘the heartbeat of the organisation’. The everything-under-one-roof approach unifies KOP with the broader community whilst having a minimal impact on the natural setting.

Kornos Sports Centre Site Plan

The masterplan proposes to retain as much of the existing topography and natural environment as possible, minimising excavation, and using the excavated soil as backfill (to avoid having to remove material from the site). Vehicular infrastructure on site is also minimised to help achieve this goal. Trees are retained where possible and replanted along the edge of highway and site boundaries, and will act as a buffer for sound and pollution.

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