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Reflecting on Open House Lisboa 23

26th May 2023
Joseph R. Goodwin
1 minute

A rectangular apartment, a triangular home, and the colossal cylindrical silos at Beato.

Last week our Lisbon team enjoyed visiting some of the 73 spaces taking part in this year's Open House Lisboa, curated by Embaixada. Photographs by current employee of the month Rita Lobo De Almeida.

Esperança by XXXI studio at Open House Lisboa 23

Esperança by XXXI studio

The beauty of Esperança lies in its simplicity, with a stripped-back earthy palette of colours and textures punctuated by the use of vibrant, cooling blues. Located opposite the Museu da Marioneta, and occupying 150m², two 18th-century apartments have been carefully combined to create an open-flowing space that reflects the informality of the city.

Casa Triangular by Studio LPP at Open House Lisboa 23

Casa Triangular by Studio LPP

With its 'One program per floor' approach, Casa Triangular comprises a studio, living and dining space, sleeping area, and roof terrace within just 47m². Completed in 2020 by Studio LPP, the residence utilises high ceilings, continuous exposed concrete, and a defining open staircase to maximise the feeling of space and exposure to light.

Beato Port Silos at Open House Lisboa 23

Casa Triangular by Studio LPP

As the only port terminal in Lisbon supplying bread wheat and animal feed, Beato's colossal silos have a total storage capacity of 110,000 metric tonnes. The silos sit opposite the 18 factory buildings of Hub Criativo do Beato where the varying states of transformation put the derelict alongside the inhabited.

The UHA Lisbon team at Open House Lisboa 23

The team at Casa Triangular

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